We replace the pads in the case of the maximum allowable wear of their pads - the minimum thickness of the pads, including its base, must be at least 6 mm. The pads must also be replaced when replacing the brake disc, oiling the pads or having deep grooves, cracks and chips on them, and also if the pads are peeled off the base of the pads.

Attention! The brake pads of the front wheels must be replaced only with a set - all four pads. Replacing the pads of only one brake mechanism can lead to the car being pulled to the side during braking.

If the fluid level in the tank of the hydraulic brake actuator is at MAX, then before installing new pads with a syringe or rubber bulb, we pump out part of the fluid from the tank. This operation must be performed so that when the piston is “recessed” into the wheel cylinder of the brake mechanism during the installation of new pads, fluid does not leak out from under the tank cap.

Remove the front wheel. Before installing new pads, it is necessary to move the piston of the wheel cylinder to the inside of the cylinder as much as possible. To do this, by inserting a screwdriver with a wide blade through the hole in the caliper between the base of the outer block and the caliper and leaning it on the caliper …

Renault Cover new.indd

Image … we shift the bracket, recessing the piston into the cylinder.

Renault Cover new.indd

Image Using a “13” ring wrench, unscrew the bracket fastening bolt to the lower guide pin while holding the finger with the “17” open end wrench.

Renault Cover new.indd

Image Holding up the bracket …

Renault Cover new.indd

Image … remove the brake pads from their guide.

Renault Cover new.indd

Image We remove two spring brackets pads.

Using a wire brush, we clean the dirt and corrosion of the pads in their guide. Before installing new pads, we check the condition of the protective covers of the guide fingers. A torn or loose elastic case is replaceable.

For this…

Renault Cover new.indd

Image … remove the guide pin from the hole of the guide block …

… and replace the cover (to replace the cover of the upper guide pin, it is necessary to unscrew the bracket fastening bolt to the finger and remove the bracket from the block guide). Before installing the finger, put a little grease into the hole in the guide block …

Renault Cover new.indd

Image … and apply a thin layer of grease on the surface of the finger.

Install new brake pads in the pad guide and lower the bracket.

If the piston part protruding from the wheel cylinder prevents the caliper from installing on the brake pads, then we raise the bracket …

Renault Cover new.indd

Image … and with sliding pliers we heat the piston into the cylinder.

Similarly, replace the pads on the other side of the car. After replacing the pads, press the brake pedal several times to set the gaps between the pads and discs. We check the fluid level in the tank and, if necessary, bring it to normal.