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To begin with, I'm not a Citroen fan. The non-standard arrangement of the mirrors, the number frame dangling below the engine protection - such trifles used to confuse me before. Aircross is different. It would not have looked like a Citroen at all, if not for the double chevron on the front end. It's no secret that the C4 Aircross is built on the basis of the Japanese Mitsubishi ASX and technically the cars are identical, with the exception of some touches, and the C4 prefix is ​​nothing more than a marketing move.

Citroen has a stiffer suspension (although the donor was not particularly smooth). Shock absorbers tucked in for the sake of better handling. And if on excellent asphalt this can be felt, then on a broken road there is no need to talk about any better handling. Sorry for the beautiful wheels, and even riders, whose fifth point dampens vibration in detail.

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But the main hobby, of course, is appearance. Expressive optics, seductive body contours - everything is done stylishly and tastefully. The car is beautiful, and in my case, brown metallic gives more solidity and high cost.

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It is a pity, inside the car is much more modest, unlike the same DS4, whose interior is a work of art without five minutes. Nevertheless, modesty is not a vice, and objectively you can only blame it on glossy plastic, which quickly gets stuck, or on a simple multimedia display in the version without navigation. The rest of the order: a comfortable steering wheel, a decent audio system, a color information screen between the devices, keyless access. All the attributes of a modern car.

True, to me, as an amateur, to raise the chair high, the ceiling was low, I hit my head while landing.

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On the go, Aircross's habits are very similar to the older brother of the C-Crosser. Only here the ecologists completely strangled the two-liter engine. The pause at the start of the "pedal to the floor" is very noticeable, while the elasticity at medium speeds (80-100 km / h) is acceptable for the car. The CVT is trained in virtual gears and copes with the job with dignity, in any case, understanding with it much more than with a robot on a C4 hatchback.

According to the trip computer, fuel consumption in mixed mode was about 11 liters per 100 km.

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For handling and brakes from the point of view of an all-terrain vehicle, I also have no complaints. Brakes, turns. I found no problems in the city.

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A bottle is conveniently placed in the door pockets, in addition, three niches for it are molded on the central tunnel. The glove compartment itself is small, but between the front seats there is a roomy box with a socket, AUX and USB ports. The rear seats are quite spacious and the trunk is not small. Under the floor there is a full-size spare wheel, however, on a stamped disk and with other rubber.

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The management of off-road modes is entrusted to the traditional lamb, in contrast to the button option on the Outlander XL. Checking patency on Aircross makes no sense. Sorry for the bumper, and off-road capabilities in our case limits the variator. Skidding or climbing steep slopes is fraught with overheating. However, judging by the overhangs and ground clearance, driving along a snowy area or a muddy primer is just that.

So for whom is Aircross? Citroen C4 Aircross has occupied a free and promising niche of compact crossovers. This car is for those who want to drive more confidently on slippery roads in the winter and prefer to do it in a beautiful car, although here, especially outside of Moscow, such cars continue to be considered the choice of the weak half of humanity.

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