Shops are ready to offer a bunch of drugs. To make the tests more difficult, we decided to smudge to the fullest: we mixed the old lithium grease with road dirt, took more grease for constant velocity joints and even Permatex Super 300 ”adhesive sealant.” The latter, as you know, is resistant to oils and antifreezes, a dash of two from this wash off.



Our opinion on each of the tested products is in the photo gallery. We especially note the “Ma-Fra” brand products we liked - “Manibel” and “Pole Position”, a couple of “orange” Permatex preparations and Astrohim gel.

But here's the misfortune: the most common napkins were awarded the “Choice of ZR” awards, moreover, awarded unanimously. Convenient, cheap and working - in general, we really liked them. And also - no rags are needed for them.



ASTROhim Abrasive Hand Cream

Estimated price, rub., 60

Good packaging, the lid is easy to open. The cream easily removes dirt, grease, oil. In general, I liked it, but unfortunately did not want to wash the sealant - unlike another drug of the same company.

MA-FRA Pole Position

Estimated price, rub., 300

Neutral, non-irritating odor. And the lid is uncomfortable. The consistency is dense, the composition includes abrasive particles. The font in the instructions is very small. The preparation is cool: it well launders dirt, grease, oil, and even sealant is easily overcome.

BBF Cleaning Paste

Estimated price, rub., 50

The opening process is not the most convenient. The smell is neutral. Thick paste with abrasive particles. The instruction is in Russian, but the font is quite small. The tool easily removed dirt, grease, oil residues. The sealant is not overpowered.


Estimated price, rub., 160

Inconvenient cover. The instruction is in small print. It smells like oranges. The composition is thick, jelly-like, pumice is absent. Of all the pollutants, only the sealant caused difficulties - it took extra time.

3M GLASS WIPES Glass wipes

Estimated price, rub., 120

Taken out of competition, as not intended at all for cleaning hands, they coped with dirt, grease, oil and even insidious sealant without any problems. In addition, there is no need to think about how to wipe your hands. Napkins are soaked in conscience and do not dry out in the air. Two pieces were needed to clean hands. The most effective tool of all tested.


Estimated price, rub., 160

The lid did not like. There is an instruction in Russian, but it is printed in small print. Orange smell did not cause objections. The composition is thick, jelly-like, with the addition of pumice. He managed with dirt, grease, oil, and had to tinker with the sealant, despite the presence of pumice. Overpowered on the second attempt.


Estimated price, rub., 70 rub. (100 mg), 130 rubles. (440 mg)

This differs from the neighbors from the “cleaners” family by the absence of abrasive particles. Therefore, the sealant did not succumb to him. But everything else was washed quite easily.

MA-FRA Pole Fluid

Estimated price, rub., 1100

Made wisely packaging, there is a dispenser. The instruction in Russian. Pleasant smell, the composition is thick, with the addition of pumice. Well removes dirt, grease, oil, but, alas, did not cope with the sealant. Three liters is enough for a long time, but still pay attention to the price tag …

ASTROhim Hand Cleansing Gel

Estimated price, rub., 100

Convenient packaging, the lid opens with one finger. But here it closes, on the contrary, it is difficult, while the residue in the nose is sprayed in all directions. Pleasant orange smell. The instruction is in Russian, but the font is very small. The composition is liquid, easily rubbed. Removes all dirt; coped with the sealant from the third attempt.


Estimated price, rub., 180

Neutral, non-irritating odor. The lid is uncomfortable. The instruction font is very small. Unlike other cleaning products from this company, the product is similar to wet sand. Washes dirt, grease, oil well. And even with the sealant, I managed it effortlessly.


Estimated price, rub., 80

Convenient packaging, but a threaded cover without a notch - oily fingers slip. The instruction is printed in large print. The smell is neutral, not annoying. By consistency - a thick paste with particles of abrasive. It easily copes with dirt, grease, oil, but the sealant remained undefeated.

Permatex Blue Label

Estimated price, rub., 150

Non-irritating, neutral odor. Detailed instructions in Russian, but the font is small. Opening the lid is extremely inconvenient, you need a lot of effort. With dirty hands, this is difficult to do: the finger slides off. The composition is dense, jelly-like, without abrasive particles. Of the proposed pollutants, all but the sealant won.

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