When operating a vehicle in a dusty area, the mileage between element replacements should be halved. A deformed or damaged element must be replaced regardless of mileage.

Attention! A damaged or heavily soiled air filter element can cause severe wear and engine power.
We show the work on a car with a 2.0 engine, on a car with a 1.6 engine we replace the replaceable element in the same way.


Image Disconnect the rubber clamp securing the air cavity resonator.


Image Disconnect the resonator pipe from the pipe cover of the air filter housing.


Image Having squeezed two clamps of a tip of a tube, we disconnect a tube of the vacuum amplifier from the receiver union.


Image Using a Torx T-25 wrench, unscrew the two screws securing the cover to the air filter housing.

We set aside the air cavity resonator.


Image Remove the cover of the air filter housing with a replaceable element.


Image We take out a replaceable element from a cover.