S. GOLUB, St. Petersburg



Do not imitate the masters who, after repairing the machine, hastily washing off oily dirt with aggressive solvents such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel, acetone, etc. Yes, these substances are very effective, but after contact with many, the skin of the hands dries up, cracking, acquires a painful appearance. However, another thing is even worse: these products dilute the dirt so strongly and quickly that it penetrates deep into the pores of the skin, causing at least its irritation. Medical specialists are aware of examples of more serious consequences, when people paid for frivolity with eczema and other skin lesions. I use vegetable oil to clean my hands. It perfectly removes impurities, moisturizes and softens the skin and has no unpleasant odor. The remaining oil can be easily wiped off with a dry cloth, after which it remains only to wash your hands with soap.


I. SERGEEV, Moscow


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There are a lot of fragile details in a modern car, which are difficult to remove without skills. You should not, for example, without consulting with anyone, try to disconnect the electrical connectors, “boldly” (that is, risking uprooting) to separate the lights and many other details from the car. This applies, for example, to the repeater of the direction indicator on Lada models, which they say, they say, "easily snaps into place." Where are these latch latches and what do they look like? If you blindly use a screwdriver, you’ll probably damage something, scratch the paint on the wing or break the retainer. The best puller is a plastic card, preferably without embossed signs. She quickly gropes for the elastic tendril of the retainer, press on it and, pulling the flashlight towards you, easily separate it from the body.


P. GERASIMENKO, Krasnodar Territory

My Volkswagen Passat B3 with manual transmission, released in 1993, has already run about 400, 000 km. For some time now I began to notice that the gears are shifted with increased resistance. In search of a reason, he removed the gear selection mechanism. It turned out that no grease came to him from the unit at all - the parts are completely dry, which does not look like the technical solutions of the Germans-neat men! Naturally, I thoroughly washed the details of the mechanism - and lubricated it with gear oil. And, obviously, he did it on time. After my intervention, the mechanics began to work perfectly.

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But here's another thing that seemed extremely interesting. In the course of my “research”, I discovered a hole closed by a cork on top of the mechanism case. I did not find any information about him in the old Passat manual. But it is not difficult to periodically lubricate the mechanism through it, without disassembling anything for this. Putting 20-30 ml of gear oil here is a matter of minutes. Since then I have been doing so.


L. KANASH, Moscow

As life shows, stain a car with bitumen or something like that - a couple of trifles, and not only in the summer, during the hot season of repairs. Finding ugly spots, many go to the store for a special cleaner. I do not believe in advertising promises and miracles. And I remove such spots with an ordinary degreaser, bought in a nearby store for ridiculous money. I have never noticed that this chemistry worked worse than the branded one, left any traces or stains, or damaged paint.


I. DANILOV, Belgorod Region



I like Priora! Unpretentious, economical, much allows you to repair with your own hands. That's just fuss with windows - the occupation is not the most pleasant, which prompts citizens to contact the service. And the masters reduce the repair to replacing the entire mechanism, which is not cheap. It is especially distressing that the new window regulator already has a deliberately weak spot - a fragile plastic stop for the shock-absorbing spring of the cable sheath. Because of him, I had to repair all four mechanisms. My repair method is simple, the costs are cheap, and the design is much more reliable than the factory one. The photo shows a metal corner, replacing plastic. It has a groove for the cable. The corner is attached to the base with a pair of M4 screws, under which threaded holes are made. That's all. And in the service I did not foot!


S. MOGILAT, Yekaterinburg