To say that I am angry when I write these lines is to say nothing. Well, tell me, you could be so reckless a year ago when buying on credit (do we remember that even now, in a crisis, about 40% of new cars are sold like that?) Kia Sportage peck at the offer of the insurance dealership manager, having acquired a comprehensive insurance policy for 84 thousand rubles?!! But first things first.

С такими условиями незнающему страхователю пришлось смириться год назад An unaware policyholder had to come to terms with such conditions a year ago. An unaware policyholder had to put up with such conditions a year ago.

On my mistakes

These are smart people who learn from the mistakes of others, but I decided not to believe someone else's. In vain. On the other hand, well, who could expect a trick? The insurance company from among those proposed by the manager (known in the market, accredited by the creditor bank) was chosen for a number of reasons. In particular, it covered not only Russia, but the whole world without surcharge (for me it was important). Using the method of express analysis, it turned out that, taking into account this fact, as well as the fact that in addition to me, a 25-year-old relative with a driving experience of 6 years will drive me, it’s simply impossible to make a hull anywhere cheaper. On that and agreed.

What was revealed this year? Already doomed, before the very extension of the policy (I am obliged, as a borrower under a loan agreement, to do this annually) I receive a call. Well, you know, this attack on the eve of the upcoming extension of the policy (not only Casco, but also CTP). The insurance broker rings and reports the following. It turns out that no insurance company has the right to force you as an insurer to indicate anyone else besides your beloved in the policy. And even if during the accident someone else will be driving your car (for this it is enough for him to be included in the CTP insurance policy), the insurer will cover the “Damage” risk expenses as nice . Why? Here is an excerpt from the “Survey on Certain Issues of Judicial Practice Associated with Voluntary Insurance of Citizens' Property” approved by the Presidium of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation on January 30, 2013 (the full document is available here):

“Given that such a reason for exemption from insurance compensation payments, such as the absence in the insurance policy of a person authorized to drive a car who was driving him at the time of the accident, is neither provided for by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation nor by any other law, the inclusion of this condition in the contract insurance is contrary to the norms of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and, accordingly, it should not be applied. "

No one indicated specific persons. They acted more cunningly: a year ago I received a form on my hands, on which, although I had provided documents of all prospective drivers upon request, the following wording sounded: "An unlimited number of drivers with a minimum age of 25 years and 6 years of experience."

А тут мы уже настояли на своем. Посмотрим, что из этого выгорит. And here we have insisted. Let's see what burns out of this. And here we have insisted. Let's see what burns out of this.

We take on the calculator

Why was such important information hidden in the car dealership and in the insurance itself (not only a year ago, but now), but the broker willingly shared it? The answer is obvious: this is a business. Watch your fingers. As the car dealership insurance manager explained to me in a private conversation, the agent commission for the sale of a comprehensive insurance policy is 20–25%. That is, he is vitally interested in selling you a policy more expensive. Moreover, a commission is due to him from each sold insurance document. The manager does not need to inform you of the decisions of the Supreme Court. If I had indicated only myself in the policy a year ago, the insurance premium would hardly have exceeded 60 thousand rubles. And that means:

60 thousand rubles / 100% x 20% = 12 thousand rubles.


84 thousand rubles / 100% x 20% = 16.8 thousand rubles.

The difference is almost 5 thousand rubles! Which manager will refuse her? If you suddenly thought that in the insurance itself you would be offered more tasty conditions, then do not be mistaken - this is the most expensive option. Less accommodating sellers here also sit on commissions from the employer! We talked with them.

Avoiding Scammers


A slightly different algorithm for making profit with brokers. Those are no longer sitting on the commission from each policy sold, but on the back. The sales psychology here is similar to the spare parts market. If the part is not installed by the manufacturer, then what is the trump card for the third-party manufacturer on the secondary? That's right - only at the price. Often with comparable quality. We transfer this to insurance rails. If companies operating through car dealers face you with the fact (“Where do you get to: do you still need insurance with a loan?”), Then for the broker the main task is to put the bandwagon on this sweet couple.

At insurance companies, at the mention of brokers, they wrinkle as if you brought sour soup to their nose. Like, these are often one-day companies, they appear and disappear, then run after them, control reporting on policies.

By the way, about them. To date, breaking through the database on the PCA website can only be compulsory motor liability insurance. With Casco, things are a little more complicated. If you (like me) decided to save money and surrender to the mercy of brokers, then do not forget to do two things:

  1. Do not be too lazy to study online reviews of the seller of the policy. It is possible that someone was no longer lucky with him (he was caught selling linden papers, for example).
  2. Be sure to require a policy number and payment receipt before transferring money. Punch them on the insurance company hotline. Keep in mind that both documents are letterheads of a strict reporting insurer with signature and seal.

After all this disaster with Casco, I have only one question left, which is destined to remain rhetorical: what is the real cost of the policy, even if the broker, by substantially dumping, manages to make money himself and let the insurer make money? Drop at least a link where you can get acquainted with the latest data on loss on Casco!