The crisis has made adjustments to our rating. If earlier Opel Astra or Chevrolet Aveo could enter it, now these cars have left the market. Other players have risen in price. For example, the Citroen C4 now costs from 879, 000 rubles, and his brother - Peugeot 408 with a gasoline engine - although you can buy for 743 thousand, but only taking into account the current promotion (without it - from 973 thousand rubles). Therefore, we dwell on models that fit into the selected amount without various special offers. Important: cars should be at dealers, and not available only on pre-order.

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As a result, almost all popular cars of the budget segment were included in the rating.

In compiling this list, we were guided by the manufacturer's data (they are ranked), and also - and this is important! - on the results of comparative tests that the experts of the magazine “Behind the Wheel” conduct on the Dmitrovsky proving ground. Here, our expert group measures, among other things, the volume of luggage with a set of special calibrated cubes of 8 and 4 cubic meters. dm. We fill them with cargo space to failure, but in such a way that the lid easily closes. Then we unload and count the cubes.

We use four types of cubes: 0 - “zeros”, the corresponding proportions of the brick, A - “flat”, B - “square”, C - “long”. The more “zeros” got in, the less nooks and crannies in the luggage compartment.

Our data and manufacturers' data are significantly different. This is primarily due to the measurement technique. Different countries use different approaches, measuring the useful volume of household units. The American Society of Automotive Engineers SAE applies its own methodology, and the union of German manufacturers VDA - applies its own. Let's say the Germans measure luggage racks with special blocks measuring 200x100x50 mm. The volume of each is a liter. Moreover, they use blocks of a certain stiffness, so that when loading they do not miss, introducing an error into the measurements. How many cubes fit in the trunk, such is its volume in liters.

1. Datsun on-Do (530 L)

Datsun on-do

Datsun on-Do (530 л) Datsun on-Do (530 L) Datsun on-Do (530 L)

The Russian-Japanese sedan is a clear leader in the rating. The result of 530 liters is a record, and not only for budget sedans. True, our measurements showed a much smaller volume - 506 liters. But still, this is an excellent result. The hozblok is not only the most capacious: on the inside of the lid there is a full-fledged plastic handle that replaces the grant rubber band, worn on bare metal.

2. Renault Logan (510 L)

Renault Logan

Renault Logan (510 л) Renault Logan (510 L) Renault Logan (510 L)

The "Frenchman" has the widest loading opening in the class. In addition, the trunk is quite deep. Official data - 510 liters. Not bad! But according to our measurements, the volume is noticeably less, and by as much as 110 liters (400 liters). This is perhaps one of the most economic cars that we ever visited in tests.

3. Chery Bonus (508 L)

Chery Bonus

Chery Bonus (508 л) Chery Bonus (508 L) Chery Bonus (508 L)

Suddenly, the "Chinese" was in the top three: 508 liters - a solid result! Our data showed that the Chery trunk is one of the most modest - only 368 liters. But if we take the manufacturer’s data as the basis for the rating, we congratulate you with a bronze medal!

4. Kia Rio (500 L)

Kia rio

Kia Rio (500 л) Kia Rio (500 L) Kia Rio (500 L)

A relative of Hyundai Solaris has a claimed boot volume of 500 liters. This is more than Solaris, 30 liters. According to our measurements - 440 liters. The trunk is not bad. The loading aperture is wide, the back of the rear sofa folds up in a standard 2: 1 ratio. A good choice for traveling to the country.

5. Nissan Almera (500 L)

Nissan Almera

Nissan Almera (500 л) Nissan Almera (500 L) Nissan Almera (500 L)

Relative Logan generally liked. Disappointed with one thing: the back of the rear sofa does not add up. Even the hatch for long lengths is not provided! Explanations - they say, they increased the rigidity of the body with a cross-beam behind the back for the sake of better handling. And how do you order to carry skis? And don't push the bike.

Our measurements and manufacturer data again diverged greatly. We measured 400 liters of usable volume.

6. Lada Granta (480 L)

Lada granta

Lada Granta (480 л) Lada Granta (480 L) Lada Granta (480 L)

Our Nashi has 480 officially declared liters of usable volume in the compartment behind the rear passengers and 468 liters according to our measurements. I liked the shape of the trunk, in addition, when folding the seats in order to increase the displacement, you can remove the pillow of the rear sofa and form a flat floor. Plus, there is a rather wide loading aperture.

7. Lada Vesta (480 L)

Lada vesta

Lada Vesta (480 л) Lada Vesta (480 L) Lada Vesta (480 L)

Vazovsky newcomer also pleased. Its trunk has a small loading height and a wide opening. The “square” shape of the boot is comfortable. It gets a lot here. True, the figures we again did not agree with the manufacturer. Data “Driving” - 444 liters.

8. Volkswagen Polo (480 L)

Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen Polo (480 л) Volkswagen Polo (480 L) Volkswagen Polo (480 L)

The Russian sedan, assembled in Kaluga, is struggling with VAZ models. According to our measurements, the volume of his trunk is still less than that of competitors in Togliatti - 424 liters, but more than that of Logan, Almera and Bonus. As another plus, we note a small loading height.

9. Hyundai Solaris (470 L)

Hyundai Solaris

Hyundai Solaris (470 л) Hyundai Solaris (470 L) Hyundai Solaris (470 L)

According to the measurements “At the wheel”, the trunk here is 400 l, exactly the same as that of Renault Logan. And the manufacturer claims a volume of 70 liters more - 470 liters. There are no complaints about the hozblok itself. It is well-arranged, and there is a pen on the lid.

10. Ford Fiesta (455 L)

Ford fiesta

Ford Fiesta (455 л) Ford Fiesta (455 L) Ford Fiesta (455 L)