Soon this box will be equipped with XRAY and Vesta with a 1.6-liter engine, and then other models.


Able to crawl

The wish, which Vesta owners had repeatedly made to themselves, was fulfilled: the manufacturer “taught” Lada to move in a “creeping” mode (officially called Creeping Mode). Now, for the car to go, you just need to release the brake pedal. Owners of Vesta with the same box of such "luxury" can not afford. In the first gear, the car crawls at a speed of 7–8 km / h, in the second - 14–15 km / h and is able to overcome some obstacles, such as the speed bump or ice in winter.


Return stroke

The modernized robot allows the owner of the Lada to slowly park, as the car can crawl not only forward, but also backward. When reverse gear is engaged, it travels at a speed of 5-6 km / h.

One less trouble

Creeping Mode is disabled if the driver has put the car on the handbrake or just opened its door.

From second to second

Another advantage of Vesta with an updated box is the “winter” mode of operation, which allows you to get under way from second gear. True, the algorithm is arranged in a peculiar way: in order to start from the second, the driver must turn on this transmission himself. And for Vesta to go, she will have to help by clicking on the gas.

Quick switch

By optimizing the algorithm of the box, the manufacturer has achieved faster gear changes. AMT 2.0 switches them faster than its predecessor by about 30%: when you smoothly press the gas pedal, the upgraded robot shifts from first gear to second in 1.8 seconds (the previous one took 2.6 seconds); if you drown the pedal “on the floor”, the robot “sticks” the second one after 1.3 seconds (the former did it in 2). The good news is that the gear changes quickly, not only during acceleration, but also when speed decreases.

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Fuzzy robot

The modernized Vesta gearbox, due to its design features, still loses both to the machine and to the robot with two clutches. In addition, AMT 2.0 has a clear minus: when the car starts moving, the motor is shaking, which means that the discs do not smoothly close and the units suffer. When driving in a traffic jam, the driver should take into account this feature of the box and not needlessly be pulled to the car that is driving in front.

Habitual kickbacks

The updated box did not save West from the old problem of rolling on the rise. The "creeping" mode does not help: when the driver of a Lada on a slope releases the brake pedal, and the robot thinks (albeit relatively briefly) before turning on the first gear, the car manages to slide downhill.